Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Sometimes I find bruises, cuts and graises that I can't remember getting. Yesterday I came off my bike infront of a car trying to manual behind the prom and got literally blown off from a gust of wind from the sea front. Picked myself up, appologised to the driver, checked my bike and went up the hill to campus.

Later whilst having a shower and notice stinging from my elbow, and then a pain from my hip and knee. Why don't I notice these things when they happen? This one wasn't too bad, but the most concerning times are when you get massive cuts that have obviously been bleeding quite badly (my shins usually), but I can't remember how they came about?

I'm sure this never used to happen. Maybe i've crashed too much and now just don't notice that much anymore?

Confused? ... me too.

What i'm listening to:

Belle and Sebastian - Sleep the Clock Around .... (live)

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