Monday, 16 February 2009

The Melt

The snow has gone and the seasons are on the turn. There is a wiff of summer in the air. Its not quite there. Just hinting that its round the corner. I can't wait!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

It's February. Time for my hair cut.

Well, the snow has finally hit Aber, but because its actually never that cold here in comparison with most of the country, there is now no evidence whatsoever. So tomorrow its time to head for the hills and play.

Today however, I went for a hair cut. Now i'm pretty sure that I have not had haircut in at least 12 months, and probabbly more like 18. So my barnett was looking a little ragged. Most of the time, my hair status is controlled by my mum and my girlfriend. However, these two agents differ in their opinions somewhat as mum likes my hair short, where as Liz likes it long. And as Liz is the girlfried, she gets power of veto over my mother. Most of the time, this dosn't bother me. I never see my hair. However, when it gets to a state where I struggle to put my helmet on or my vision becomes furry upon leaving the shower, the I knwo its getting a bit out of hand. So I had a hair cut.

The only problem is that the barber I went to has some sort of filter on his ears. No matter what you say to him all he hears is "short back and sides". No, infact it's "very short back and sides". So 20 minutes later and I was £8 and 8lbs lighter. So if you see me in the next day or so, be prepared for a shock.

Monday, 2 February 2009

The Sentence

Never in my life have I felt less fulfilled as I do now. I have so little and yet so much. The world is full of curious creatures. We go through our lives on this planet without one over-riding objective. Without a single goal. Instead, the 6.5 billion people on earth must content themselves by making the best of things. We all clamour to gain the most for prosperity in order to make ourselves more physically, intellectually and emotionally comfortable. Much like a terminally ill patient being intravenously fed painkillers. Mostly in the west we are pumped full of the opiates of commerce. Some seek solace in family, religion, drugs. But ultimately we are all looking out for number one. Even friends are there simply to make each other more 'at home' with our their own tedious human personalities. The world is like a sort of prison. The walls are our mental limitations and the guards are social intolerance. But at least the term of incarceration is fixed. At least the sentence is only ... life.