Tuesday, 8 January 2008

New Bits!

New forks and headset arrived for the carrera on Friday and these are the first set that I have installed entirely myself, including pressing the headset and cutting the steer tube! The MX Pro forks I selected are lovely. Buttery smooth and brilliantly simple. Two positive air chambers, a rebound and some 30mm alloy stanchions all in a bomb-proof Marzocchi casing. What could be better?

And then there is the headset. Two sets of sealed cartridge bearings all encased in beautifully CNC machined alluminium and plenty of rubbery o-rings and seals.

It is an unashamed piece of bike jewellry - but I don't care. You have to look closely, but when you do the Hope lable just screams quality. I love these discrete little touches that set my bike appart from others.

... I am very sad.

What i'm listneing to.

Holloways - Fit for a Fortnight
Blur - Caravan
Blur - On the Way to the Club
Linken Park - Bleed it Out

Lovely Winter Wanders

Are not winter stroles nice?