Saturday, 16 May 2009

A home from home

The sea front in Aberystwyth must be one of the best places to live in the world. My study room is on the third floor of Alexandra halls overlooking Aberystwyth's North beach. When the sun comes out I can go and chill out on the sand outside, there are some fun trails all most literally on my doorstep, and there is always something to see from my window which I have taken to sitting in using a spread of pillows on my extended sill and staring for hours upon end. There is usually something to see from it too. The tide goes out and comes back with a reassuring predictability, and barbeque's from the shore give a beautiful smell on warm evenings. I even like looking out at the storms, but occasionally something new seems to spring up and please me too. For instance, on Friday morning I awoke early to finish an assignment and upon leaning out of my window for a breath of fresh air I spied a pair of dolphins in the bay piercing the waters surface with their distinctive profile. This evening as well I was procrastinating upon my sill and a light caught the upper part of my eye. Someone further down the beach had lit some fire-balloons and they were drifting steadily up the coast towards Borth with progressively increasing altitude.

I love living here! Despite the fact that my room is cramped for my many bicycles and work paraphernalia, I like the space too. The clutter forms a cosiness. I frequently think of the room it as a hidden storage cupboard that I secretly inhabit.

All this is wonderful and I will be sorry when I have to leave in a few weeks for a 1970's plastic block in the town. Were it not for my impending eviction and the lack of my closest friends from home, I am sure that I would never leave.