Friday, 7 November 2008

Go write some poetry in the dark emo boy.

I'm annoyed at everything.

It started today at the bus stop with some child winging to his mother about various things like the fact she ahd brought him the 'wrong' cake. Wrong cake?! How can cake be wrong? It was chocolate brownies too. F***ing spoilt brat. He was such a fat child too it really p***ed me off. But then I realised that I was even more p***ed off with the mother for letting him be a brat. And my mood went downhill from there. Anyway, eventually I was so cross that I had to leave the bus stop only to watch the bus pass me about 30 seconds later. When i'm annoyed at everything it doesn't stop at external factors, I get the most f***ing annoyed with myself. Like the fact I spent only 3 hours working today and that I can't spell for shit and that I annoy other people which in turn makes me sad and i've used too many "and's". I'm even annoyed that I can't write bus without always putting two S' and having to delete one. Then i'm annoyed that writing the plural of "S" looks unclear.

When emo kids go and write poetry in the dark they are not being weird and anti-social, they are being benevolent. When people are pissed off its contageous. Misery loves company and thats just a symptom of the disease that is depression. I'm no poet so I have to write this crap to make myself feel better. The only reason I can put this here is because no one reads it.

I can’t spend another sunday on the sofa crying as another opportunity passes me by

i wouldn’t wish my life upon anyone
so let’s abstain
i couldn’t share this life of grime
this doing time
so let’s refrain

my twenty-fifth birthday was melancholy but i wasn’t surprised because
my seventeenth birthday was melancholy but i wasn’t surprised because
my fifth birthday was… sad and lonely
oh, well don’t they start so early these days?
yes, they do!
i wouldn’t wish my life upon anyone
so let’s refrain
i couldn’t share this pantomime
this doing time
so let’s refrain

Luxembourg - Single (extract)

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Indoors day on an outdoor day.

I hate this. Yesterday whilst on a street ride I wounded my ankle side-hopping off a bench on the promanade. I'm pretty sure its just a bad sprain and it wasn't too bad to begin with but now I can barely walk to the kitchen without grimaceing like a complete girl. What is worse is that my flat-mate, Rachel's Boyfriend is up for the week and I promised to take him riding out to Nant today. The weather is perfect - no wind, glorious sunshine and not too warm. But insted i'm stuck inside feeling sorry for myself on the interness like a complete recluse. I can't even get over the hill to Clarach and take some pics of the Down-hillers. I'm not even doing any work, because i'm too pissed off. Mind you, the ride yesterday was pretty good. I finally got over the castle drop and managed to clear the table at the skate park too, so it wasn't all bad. Will probabbly wrap up and go to the beach to read. Thats the nice thing about living on the front.


Air - Alone in Kyoto
Last Shaddow Puppets (The) - Meeting Place