Tuesday, 26 February 2008


With every passing months my steeds become increasingly more personal. This month my project was to add a 'new' front brake to the Carrera. This took the form of a Shimano Saint caliper/lever that I no longer required from the little bike and a new 180mm shimano rotor/adaptor mount. My bikes are becoming increasingly 'patchwork' in their componentry, but more and more personal to me. I now have two different brake levers and two different shifter pods on the Carrera and I love it, because it is unique! I have also modified the front Deore M525 hub to a 9.5mm bolt-up hub using 15mm track nuts for an ultra-rigid front end and theft-proofing.

Its mine, and I like it.

New Brake

New saint lever

New Caliper and rotor - Notice the modified hub

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Musik Gehort!

I'm stuck in a rut with music. It seems like the only new music I hear is from radio 1 (and I use the phrase music there very loosely indeed). It seems like there is no truely original talent there. All the stuff I like is at least two years old. Am I so out of touch?

No, no; it is the children that are wrong.

What i'm listening to.

* Röyksopp - Eple
* Super Fury Animals - Ice Hockey Hair
* Zero 7 - Passing By

Wednesday, 13 February 2008



This is Liz's Penglephant. A cross between an elephant and a penguin, its a pretty scary hybrid type animal.

Half art student, half mad scientist!

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Get Karter!

How cool is this. This would be truely awesome for anything downhill on the roads. You are so low that it would feel like doing one million miles-per-hour! I want one, and for £550 I think its a pretty good buy.