Tuesday, 26 February 2008


With every passing months my steeds become increasingly more personal. This month my project was to add a 'new' front brake to the Carrera. This took the form of a Shimano Saint caliper/lever that I no longer required from the little bike and a new 180mm shimano rotor/adaptor mount. My bikes are becoming increasingly 'patchwork' in their componentry, but more and more personal to me. I now have two different brake levers and two different shifter pods on the Carrera and I love it, because it is unique! I have also modified the front Deore M525 hub to a 9.5mm bolt-up hub using 15mm track nuts for an ultra-rigid front end and theft-proofing.

Its mine, and I like it.

New Brake

New saint lever

New Caliper and rotor - Notice the modified hub

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