Thursday, 20 March 2008

Inter-railing!!! Go!

The count-down has begun. Today I book my holiday from work and then we are full speed ahead for an inter-railing mission in early June 2008!

Northamptonshire (UK) to Dover (UK)
Dover (UK) to Calais (France)
Calais (France) to Paris (France)
Paris (France) to Amsterdam (Holland)
Amsterdam (Holland) to Prague (Czech Republic) via Germany
Prague (Czech Republic) to Berchtesgaden (Germany)
Berchtesgaden (Germany) to Switzerland
Switzerland to Southern France
Southern France to Calais (France)
Calais (France) to Dover (UK)
Dover (UK) to Northamptonshire (UK)

All of this should take about two weeks (we hope). My good friend Mr Ben Roberts and myself are currently partaking and all in all it should be pretty epic.

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