Thursday, 29 May 2008

My Euro-Vision

If you haven't already heard, i'm going to be dropping off the radar for about two weeks to go and travel around Europe. First stop is Paris on Saturday and then Amsterdam on Monday followed by a gentle cruise through Germany via Köln, Nürnberg and eventually into the Czech republic to Praha. From here we will be going Down to Bertchesgaten to see Hitler's ledgendary Eagles Nest and then returning via Switzerland ... or wherever we like. I'm becoming a little apprehensive now as I have never done anything like this before, but such feelings are overwhelmed by excitement. Most of what i'm taking is books and literature on the various trains, youth hostles and attractions of the continent and I think it should be a pretty epic adventure. I just hope that I don't cock it up for Mr Ben. I've done pretty much all the planning for this venture and I hope I won't disappoint my traveling companion when we get to the experiance. All that remains is for me to go to work today, go to an interview tomorrow (yep, pretty bad planning), go to my CyTech signup (at last), pack and get drunk for the following day. See you on the other side!