Friday, 28 December 2007

All I want for Christmas is...

Most people who know me know my views on Christmas. You know, my sort of cynical scrooge-like mumbling along the lines of "capitalist-pigs!" and "gluttonous-pomp!". But despit my best efforts of sabbotage, it seems to happen every year with the same predictable lethargy.

But before you start to complain about what a miserable w***er I am, I am going to describe my best present this year. I had a few like the blackadder boxed-set, a mini mag-lite and some type of callander paperweight??? But my favourite of all was the present brought to me by my girlfriend. Now this isn't just because she's my girlfriend that I liked this present but due to the fact that I actually asked for this one and wasn't just laughed at as normally happens when I suggest what people suppose to be comedy gift ideas.

Yep, thats a coconut.

Now the good thing about a coconut for a present is that it isn't just an object, but a mini adventure! I have never had a coconut before and having been told about them I was intregiued as to how they tasted and were opened. So, armed with a garage full of tools, Liz and I began an experiment!

First we drilled into it to drain the milk.

Then we sawed into it.

Once I got bored with sawing it, we prised the top off with a billhook.

...And finally we made it!