Monday, 2 February 2009

The Sentence

Never in my life have I felt less fulfilled as I do now. I have so little and yet so much. The world is full of curious creatures. We go through our lives on this planet without one over-riding objective. Without a single goal. Instead, the 6.5 billion people on earth must content themselves by making the best of things. We all clamour to gain the most for prosperity in order to make ourselves more physically, intellectually and emotionally comfortable. Much like a terminally ill patient being intravenously fed painkillers. Mostly in the west we are pumped full of the opiates of commerce. Some seek solace in family, religion, drugs. But ultimately we are all looking out for number one. Even friends are there simply to make each other more 'at home' with our their own tedious human personalities. The world is like a sort of prison. The walls are our mental limitations and the guards are social intolerance. But at least the term of incarceration is fixed. At least the sentence is only ... life.

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