Monday, 15 September 2008

Repair Stand

After 12 months of using professional repair stands, I felt I really needed a basic one. This 'Bike Tool' one is pretty good for the £65 it cost from CRC. The first thing that surprised me was the weight. It is really light and felt properly portable, which lead to personal speculation about the rigidity of the device. However, whilst not being any where near as good as its bigger brother in my workshop, I was pleasantly surprised. I was concerned by the lack of 'bite' the teeth on the locking mechanism altering the tilt of the bike seemed to have. But upon locating a beefy 6mm allen key bolt at the back this was soon rectified. My only real complaint would be that it dosn't go quite high enough. But, to be fair, its not exactly un-usable. I just like to work with the transmission in my face. So yes. Recomended.

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