Monday, 24 March 2008

Wheely Satisfying

Sorry, but this was the best photo I coult take with limited light and time!

This is my first wheel that i'm really happy with. It is a Mavic XM321disc rim built with 36 DT-swiss silver 2mm plain gauge spokes in a 3-cross pattern onto a Shimano Deore M525 hub. The dish is correct, the lateral allignment is bob-on the tension is good and the only flaw is about 1mm of egg in the wheel (but I think that much would vary in they tyre anyway!)

A key step in any cycle mechanics career. My boss has said to me that he's happy now for me to build wheels for customers too! Chuffed.

Many thanks to the late-great Sheldon Brown for his web-based posthumously help.


King Prawn - Loneliest Life
Röyksopp - So Easy
Matt Costa - These Arms
Muse - Unintended
Belle and Sebastian - To Be Myself Completely

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