Monday, 24 March 2008

Twenty-Four Hour Holiday

I'm lazy with writing and generally quite boring so this weekends details are sumarised as follows...

Ben and Bethany had managed to blag a a free holiday in Bethany's Uncle's caravan on the Suffolk coast for the easter weekend and beyond. Liz and I had managed to blag Easter Sunday away from work. And so our mission became clear.

We departed at about 18:45 on Saturday arriving at the caravan at around 21:00 where I broke my lenten fast and drank an extremely tasty pint. We watched Anchorman and went to sleep.

The following day plans were hatched. So, we went to a place called Somerlayton Hall to have a generally plesent outing on a snowey and cold day. The place was plesent with some attractive gardens, plenty of cool trees an informative guided tour and hot-chocolate close to hand. Being easter the gift shop was laced with chocolate, some boy dressed as a rabbit and there was even some sort of troll handing out mini-eggs at then entrance (however, the others informed me that it was infact an eight-year-old girl). The maze was also quite cool, and it gave me plenty of ideas for future land projects!

After getting thorougherly wet and cold, we made a move to Southwold where I enjoyed a tasty pint of the local ale ... Adnams. From here it was time for tea and cakes, before ending our day at the seaside with a walk along the prom.

Many thanks to Ben and Bethany, not to mention Bethany's Anutie and Uncle.

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