Thursday, 23 July 2009

Injury to insult.

The thing about mountain biking is that no matter how much you ride, there are always difficult things still to accheive. I went to Clarach with Nick and Dave SB today and it was no easier than previously. What had changed however was the frequency of walkers. I left my bag at the top of the hill - which is usually out of the way enough. However upon returning after a couple of runs, I found it was missing. After a few hours searching the hill for pikeys to attack and canceling my debit card the police station phoned me to tell me that it had been handed in.

On the one hand, it is nice to know that there are more public-spirited people out there than pikeys. But on the other, if they had just left well alone then it would have saved me considerable hassle. I suppose they did well and that its my own stupid fault, but it is a little vexing.

To add injury to insult for the day I cut my leg open on flying slate going down consti giving me a nice claret-coloured leg. Combined with assorted other scratches, upon arrival at the police station I think the officer expected me to report a mugging rather than collect a lost bag.

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Craig Armstrong - Hanging
The Magic Numbers - Forever Lost
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