Friday, 5 December 2008

They call me "Patch"

You know that things have eased off work-wise in my life when I start posting stuff here. So, here goes.

Today I finally got around to repairing my waterproof which has been ripped for about two years after a crash at the Cwm Carn DH one wet uplift day. I think it worked quite well. I sewed the hole up using some needles and thread I had kicking about using a "herring bone" stitch. Now I don't profess to know anything about sewing. It just looked pretty good and I fancied having a stab at it. If anyone knows a better stitch for joining gore-tex then I'm all ears.

After doing that for about an hour I used some vinal tent patches that I got from Cheapey Charlies on both the inside and outside to create a good seal. I was impressed at the quality of the patches. I had expected something that would fall apart after 30 seconds for the £1.50 they cost, but these actually have a confidence inspiring adhesive to them!

So yeah, jobs a good un.

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