Monday, 8 December 2008

Rule the Trail

OK, I know three bloggs in three days is going it a bit. But I need to share my new bike plans. Basically, at the moment I have a problem in the form of two aluminium hardtails. Aluminium is fine for a road bike, but really its not practical for anything bumpy and rocky...

...Wales is the epitome of bumpy and rocky.

So basically, the frames have to go. That is sad because I love both my mountain bikes and have become dearly attached to them. But you can't live in the past like a history student. The MsIsle (being already pretty much where I want it in terms of kit) is just being replaced with a hardcore 853 steel frame in the form of a 16" Cotic BFe. This will enahnce my jump / smooth-trail weapon. But the XC bike is a slightly more complex beast.

Basically, in its current encarnation the XC bike dosn't get much use. I ride the jump bike for trail centers because they are short enough and I have taken to using it for epics too because its fun and I can still keep up (just!) So the XC bike gets maybe two outings per year for the odd race here and there. The little bike does practically everything I want. But what it isn't much good for is the bumpy stuff. The really big steep technical sections that require a bit of give in the frame. So that will be replaced with a full-bouncer! My first ever at that.

The bike will cease to be an XC bike and become more of a technical-trail / alpine-light machine for conquoring all the stuff that the little rig can't and have bit more speed and range too for when I want to do the occasional race.

So to decrease the reading and make this more fun i've outlined what I want to do in pictures.

To start off, one of these in an 18" (which is a size
down from my 'textbook' size to help the handling but keep it usable
as a distance machine). Only maybe in a different colour.

Some of these plugged into the front. No, not from the little
bike. I like them so much I want another set.

Spinning on these. Zero dish for strong wheels, allmost instant pickup and just 5 sprockets to keep things simple.

36 spokes for uber strong wheels and the wide rims stop the
tyres from squirming under cornering.

a 32-26t setup with an e.13 bash-ring.

Short stem for snappy handling. As much rise as possible on the bars!

Finally, a short cage mech for a tight chain!.

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