Friday, 16 November 2007

Damp Park

Bored day off ... again, so it was a quick trip to the skate park now that the weather has taken a turn for the worse. Mind you - by the time I had got there via the "scenic" route I was covered in so much mud that the park residents would have just laughed.

I don't mind the occupants of my local park - they are pikeys. But cool pikeys. Just like with every social class, there are exceptions to the rules. These are the exception. Accomodating and willing to impart their extensive BMX knowledge. It is also quite nice to not be shuned for having 26" wheels. They simplly see MTB's for what they are in skate parks - not as good as a BMX or 24 incher.

Noth that any of this mattered, because no one was there on such a cold and damp day. The boxes were wet and the ramps sketchey. But i've always thought that difficult conditions are the best to learn in. Deep end styley.

The plan was to hone my technique. I did a little. I can now drop in from allmost all the ramps and can jump the fun-box a little. Not great, but I was never a BMX'er. This is juat to hone my skills out of season. With some practice, I should be closer to Grant 'Chopper' Fielder by the spring and hopefully it will show when I get back to proper riding.

Not quite to Chopper's standard yet!!!

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